New Zealand Ewe Hogget Awards 2015

Bevan and Wendy Hopcroft - Photo by Diane Bishop

A very strong representation of the sheep industry at the NZ Ewe Hogget Awards shows the confidence and high standard of the sheep industry with judges saying that the winners of previous awards wouldn’t have reached the breed winners circles let alone the overall winners circle.

The overall winners receiving $8,000, The NZ Ewe Hogget Competition Cup and a RAS medal are; Bevan and Wendy Hopcroft.

Category and Special award Winners for 2015 are;

Merial Ancare Flock Performance award; Bevan and Wendy Hopcroft. 
Ravensdown Large Flock Award; Fraser Avery.
Tru-Test Flock Phenotype; Bevan and Wendy Hopcroft.
Best Quality Wool Award; Peter Michelle
Young Achievers Award; Hamish Williams.

Breed winners;
Romney; Brendan and Prudence Butler.
Composite; Bevan and Wendy Hopcroft
Crossbred; Hamish and Sarah Ottrey
Perendale; Allan and Leann Woodrow.
Coopworth; Graeme and Raewyn Black.
Fine Wool; Justin and Tui Willson.

The contest was supported by Alliance Group, Merial Ancare, Ravensdown, NZ Sheep Breeders Assn, Country Wide and Tru-Test.