Newsletter 05.07.15

Trucking problems for the importers of 47,000 New Zealand sheep landed in Mexico this week; the sheep have put on 10 percent more body weight and they didn’t have enough trucks to transport the portly sheep.
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With the coming of many farmers financial year, people are being urged to talk with their accountants to set up the coming year. Kerry Adams from DAA saysmonitoring budgets on a month by month basis is vital and he suggests a review of rules and regulations is important to get the best performance from financial matters. He says the swing towards electronic returns for IRD can be hugely advantageous if set up properly.
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Irrigation - thanks to RX Plastics
The best way to ensure you but the right fitting for your low density pipes is to cut a segment off and take it into your supplier. Phil Gatehouse says there are a wide range of sizes of pipe and some are measured on the opening while others on the total width depending on when they were made. So literally, cut off a segment and take it with you when you need a fitting. 
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Water levels on deep wells being monitored in Canterbury are raising major concerns. Tony Davoren from Hydro Services says this time last year the levels were low, but were still around 10 times what is there now. He says the coming irrigation season is nearly on us and unless there are major rainfalls over the next few weeks the situation will be very serious. 

The storage lake inland from Fairlie, Lake Opuha, is still well below the required level for irrigation. Restrictions went into effect last February when the levels in the manmade lake dropped below desired levels, and there are now major concerns that the levels haven’t increased enough to start the coming season.
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Animal Health
Late gestation is a critical time for ewes and close monitoring is vital to prevent losses. Monica Commons from Rolleston Vet Services says Toxaemia,hypocalcaemia and abortions are the main dangers but close monitoring of nutrition is also very important to ensure good stock health. She says most farmers scan their ewes to ensure the right amount of feed. 
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Farmers are being urged to check stock body scores with the ideal being score 3. Gary Dixon from MPI says nutrition is the key to stock health but good shelter, and clean water supply is also part of the overall picture. He says there are two totally different types of management for lambing and calving; hill country areas where the stock are left to their own resources and low land farming where extensive monitoring is needed. 
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If you want to be efficient during the coming season, take a break now. That’s the advice of Nicole Knapp from World Travellers. She has a personal reason for saying that after being told by her doctor to either take a break or face serious health problems. Nicole says a holiday doesn’t have to cost a lot, but the benefits from time off the farm or away from the business pays dividends through being more productive upon your return.
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