Newsletter 07.06.15

Go over your budgets and ensure you know what is there and what isn’t available to spend. That’s the advice from Kerry Adams of DAA Chartered Accountants. He says farmers who involve their accountants, bank managers and farm consultants will get though any downturn, those who sweep it under the carpet or attempt to go it alone are very vulnerable. 

Assess whether fixed or floating interest rates are best for your operation. Kerry Adams of DAA accountants warns that having the wrong type of interest rates can be very expensive for farmers and those who are renewing or reviewing their debt should certainly need to consult their accountants and their bankers. No-one knows what the future may hold, but farmers can’t be expected to have an understanding about world events that are likely to affect our economy.
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Horticulture & Cropping
The 2015 vintage is likely to be a very good one according to Waipara wine maker Brad Nolan.  He says the weather conditions were ideal, and although the fruit in some areas is down production wise because of weather in the spring, overall the quality is very good.
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There needs to be a lot more support for women in rural areas, and Rural Women NZ are going to ensure it is provided. Kerry Maw says the organisation is very focussed on “breaking down the barriers” Such things as medical care, and support groups will be paramount in their drive for making rural people less remote.

"Make your new neighbours welcome” that’s the call as families all over the country start their new lives after shifting farms on Gypsy day. Share milkers and farm workers change districts at the start of every June and invariably they don’t know anyone when they arrive. Kerry Maw suggests locals call on the new comers and tell them about what is available for them in the form of clubs, sports etc. 

Shifting schools will cost students a lot of knowledge and drop them behind others. Kerry Maw says students can expect to drop up to a third of their learning year when they change schools, and for those at high school that can be a major concern, especially as share milking and farm workers families can change districts every 12 months. 
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Stress levels are extremely high in many farmers’ families and the best thing to relieve that is to get off the farm for a few days. Dr John O’Malley says while many will say they don’t have the time to get away, they will be much more efficient if they were to do so. He says just a week away from the pressures of farming can make a huge difference. He says it can be done quite cheaply as well so that shouldn’t be a barrier. 

Overcast weather can cause depression and is recognised as a problem during the winter months. Dr John O’Malley says winter is bad for people because the sunshine hours are a lot less and the body needs sunshine to operate. His suggestion is be out in the sun as much as possible and to try very hard to get away to a warmer climate for a few days.
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Irrigation - thanks to RX Plastics
Special tanks to hold colostrum are now available from RX Plastics. The Ashburton based company admit to listening to farmers and their needs and filling the gap. Tony Atwool says dairy farmers told them they wanted white tanks on a variety of sizes to hold the colostrum so that’s what they are making. 
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Animal Health
“Don’t let up on feeding young stock” that’s the message from North Canterbury Vetinary Clinic Ian Page. He says young stock need to get the right amount of nutrition to build their frame and ensure a solid future, so even though it may be expensive ensure there’s enough for them. He says some farmers are keeping young stock on feed pads and they are doing very well, even though they’d prefer grass silage and grain will ensure they grow to their potential.
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