Irrigation by RX Plastics
The dry weather and lack of underground water reserves means irrigators are at a huge risk of burning out their pumps. Tony Davoren says what happens when a pump is turned on is related to the amount of water available, and there are a series of problems that can lead to damage being done. However he also says there are a few things you can do to ensure it won’t happen. He says talk with your pump supplier or irrigation company to ensure you are safe.

As the urban folk start looking forward to their summer break, farmers simply get busier and busier and have nothing to look forward to but hard work. However Nicole Knapp from World Travellers says farmers can get a mental lift by simply planning their break away now and know that their time in the sun is coming. She says she has a lot of clients who are booking now for the quieter time of the year and it becomes a sort of release when they are flat out and everyone else seems to be on holiday. (Watch Interview)

We have come a long way, but there is still a lot of room for improvementwith respect to women’s voicing being heard. Kerry Maw of Rural Women NZ sayswomen are doing more and more for their farming businesses, and in many cases they are running the commercial side of the business so they should also be included in the decision making when Trusts and companies are being set up. She says most women in partnerships know more about the financial side of the equation than their partners so it is only reasonable that they are included in any legal  decisions that affect the operation and its future. 
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You can now buy insurance to cover the costs of an IRD investigation. Kerry Adams from DAA says an investigation can be expensive when Chartered Accountants fees are run up during that time, so he suggests looking into what is known as Audit Shield Insurance. He says it’s not expensive and like all insurances, is designed to provide funds when they are most needed.

There is nothing wrong with having debt with more than one Bank. Kerry Adams says some Banks specialise in some areas and others in other areas, and it is quite normal for people to share their debt load over more than one Bank. 

Think carefully before you sign up for a fixed term mortgage. That’s the advice from Kerry Adams who says it is expected that the OCR will drop again and stay low for some time.. (Watch Interview)

Horticulture and Cropping
A crop spraying unit is a very wise investment according to Dennis Carter. He says being able to spray crops when they most need them rather than when your contractor can get there is vital. He says timing is the key to getting the most out of your crops and being able to move as soon as there’s a sign of trouble will pay dividends when harvest time comes around. 

With more and more specialist crops being grown especially in Canterbury, cross pollination from windblown pollen is becoming a serious problem.Dennis Carter, Uncle of Dan Carter, says even a silver beet plant that is flowering in someone’s vege garden can cause problems up to 7 kilometres downwind. He suggests you talk with others around you to see what they are growing, and pull out the silver beet that’s looks like flowering in the vege patch. (Watch Interview)