The EU farmers continue to demand help and are getting it in the form of extrapay outs by their respective Governments. Kerry Burke says he has seen many protests over the years all aimed at protecting the local farmers and their production. He says on one occasion French farmers intercepted trucks carrying Spanish tomatoes and stopped the fruit getting to market. The reason the tomatoes were being imported was because Spain had an early spring that year.
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IRD have made provision for people in drought affected areas even if the farmers aren’t affected directly. Kerry Adams of DAA says farmers in drought affected regions where the adverse events have been registered need to talk with their Chartered Accountants to set the allowances in place. 
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Don’t panic and sell your shares. That’s the advice from Tom McBride of Hamilton Hindin Greene. He says there are corrections happening especially in China but that doesn’t mean there’s a crash. Tom says even if shares do drop in price the companies will still pay dividends the prices are very likely to come back up. He says talk with your share broker as they will have more access to what the markets are likely to do.
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Events and Profiles
Jess Land may well be the next New Zealand superstar in the eventing world. Jess has up to 12 eventing horses in training at any one time and takes 4 or 5 to every event. She says New Zealand is very well placed with respect to our horses with studs such as Astek producing horses that can take on the best in the world and win.
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If you are serious about your sport you can always find time to enjoy it. Sam Taylor is a country vet based in Rangiora but still finds time to train his eventing horse. He admits that time is limited during the day and with a young familyevenings are inclined to be family time, so he grabs an hour whenever he can during the day. He rings his groom who prepares his horse and then heads back to work. He admits with a wry smile that grabbing time during the day is an indulgence he enjoys.
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Horticulture and Cropping
Plants will and have been adapting to climate change. Dennis Carter says an experiment over 15 years has shown that plants have totally changed their make up to adapt to the simulated climate change. He says nature is always evolving and plants will evolve and adapt to whatever conditions prevail.

New and improved spray units carry in an extra tank so the operator can sluice the main tank and spray system before leaving the paddock. Dennis Carter says there’s a real focus on cleaning up of chemicals and chemical drift as New Zealand farmers continue to improve the accountability of usage.
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Animal Health
Research is underway using a “Shuzi chip” in collars on cows to get them in calf faster. Bob McDonald who owns Health 2000 in Ashburton says initial indications are that it is working well with the added advantage that the cows seem much more relaxed. He says the “chip” is the same one used to reduce pain in humans and small animals.
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