Horticulture & Cropping
British cropping farmers are facing major problems due to lack of rotation of crops. Dennis Carter of Carter Seeds has just returned from the UK and says the British farmers use a three year rotation; two cereal crops followed by canola, thence back to cereals. He says ourrotations are designed to avoid disease and look after the soils. He says cropping is a major industry in the UK but he suggests their management of the industry does need attention.

We must keep black grass out of NZ at all costs. That’s the opinion of Dennis Carter who has just returned from seeing the damage the weed is doing to the crops in the UK. He says the grass out grows the cereal crops and then wipes out huge areas as it lodges taking cereals with it. He was quick to complement those who restricted the weed in a spill in Canterbury recently.

Good news for pea growers with Watties now making regular payments to growers rather than one at the end of harvest, and asking for more area.  
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Newly crowned Young Farmer of the Year, Matt Bell, says young people should consider farming as a profession because it offers so much. The wildly enthusiastic dairy farmer says while he was born into farming, there are so many aspects to the industry there’s a job for everyone. He says with everything frommarketing through to research and everything in between, there are huge opportunities and the money and added extras such as accommodation and such,those who actively work on farms have an amazing chance to set themselves up for land ownership.
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Rural Broadband is ahead of expectations, despite some people still suffering from slow access. Amy Adams, Minister of Communication says they started the updates in 2010 and are ahead of schedule. She says the updates take time as they rely on equipment supply and installations.
Cyber bullying is becoming a problem all over the country not just in high density areas. Amy Adams, an ex lawyer, says it is a major focus for the Government and steps are being taken to stamp it out.

The Privacy laws are leading to family violence because people are scared to speak out and face the consequences of breaking the privacy laws. Amy Adams says in some cases family violence is not being dealt with because agencies don’t communicate with each other because of the law that states personal details can’t be passed on. She says it is a major focus to open the channels and protect those who need it.

Family violence is not restricted to the cities and other urban areas. It is very common in rural areas as well, and because of the isolation can be harder to uncover. Rural Women NZ and MPs such as Amy Adams are working closely together to bring rural family violence out into the open and reduce the numbers of people at risk. Amy Adams says rural people are not able to have access to shelters as urban people do because of the isolation, so the Government is working hard on trespass laws and helping at risk people to stay in their homes rather than  facing moving themselves and children away from their domestic residents. 
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