Newsletter 18.10.15

Animal Health
We may think we have hydatids under control but don’t relax. That’s the advice from Nick Page of Rolleston Vet Services. He says we must be careful and ensure all options are covered to prevent sheep measles, hydatids, and C Bovis. The rules are simple, he says, stick to the rules bout what you feed your dogs and you’ll be OK, but also ensure any dogs that come onto your property have been dosed. (Watch Interview Here)

Don’t eat the pasture down to low and spend a lot of time with your cows to ensure you know which ones are cycling. That’s the edge that Enda Hawe has over many other dairy farmers when it comes to mating. He says he walks through the herd 5 or more times a day and uses PGs to help bringing the cycling closer. 

PGs aren’t just a great tool for dairy farmers, they are a vital one. That’s the opinion of Ken Greaney from Parnell Living Science. He says the extra production people can get by using them certainly out ways any cost. He says cows should be in good condition to get the most out of them, but those who do are reaping huge returns over those who aren’t. (Watch Interview Here)

This year’s Culverden fete will be bigger and brighter than ever before. The event which is held towards the end of October every year is now offering shoppers and browsers  more entertainment along with the usual huge range of stalls. (Watch Interview Here)

Education by Lincoln University
Telford has extended their correspondence courses which now number about 30. Lisa Biginato says while some students still want to be on campus while they study a fast growing number want to study in their own time and where ever the live and work. (Watch Interview Here)