Horticulture and Cropping

"Start planning now for next year’s crops, or miss the markets."

That’s the advice of Dennis Carter who says the exporters and marketing people need to know who is producing what so they can plan their own budgets. Dennis says it may seem early to be thinking about next year when this year’s crops are still growing, but others do need to know what will be in their pipelines.

Check your withholding periods and add a few days in case of crops maturing faster than expected. Dennis Carter says producers run the risk of being caught by cutting withholding periods to close and crops becoming fit for harvesting due to a change in the weather. He points out that if the timing is wrong you can lose the whole crop 

Lawn sprays are quiet killers. Dennis Carter has first-hand experience from spraying his lawn then using the clippings as compost that killed his tomatoes. He says the chemicals can be still active after a couple of years so don’t use the clippings as compost or put them out for the Council to collect. It basically comes back to withholding periods and taking care. (Watch the full interview)

Our borders will be slightly safer because of extra MPI airport dogs. MPI have trained another 20 dogs to patrol the airports, harbours and postal areas. Nathan Guy says biosecurity is a top priority and the Government is determined to make our borders as safe as possible. (Watch the full interview)

A bad tummy or feeling sluggish may not be a physical problem but a serious warning that you are very stressed. John O’Malley says constant stress will show up in a variety of areas including your stomach and back aches. His advice is to talk with your medical people and try to take some time out. (Watch the full interview)

Irrigation by RX Plastics
We have been talking about drought and hot dry conditions for months now, and it seems it hasn’t really sunk into the heads of the Wellington consultants. We understand that the OCR wasn’t raised because “of a possible drought looming” or words to that effect. There will certainly be many who will suggest that Government advisers should use the Wellington airport more and check out what is really happening out here. 

And yes it is dry. So far this year most areas have had about 40 percent of the normal rainfall. Sadly other areas have suffered from flooding which endorses the confusing way Nature works. (Watch the full interview)