Animal Health
Founding in horses and ponies is caused by what people have thought for years.New thinking suggests that the theory of over eating on sugar laden pastures has been the cause, but unseasonal problems hitting the animals suggests that theproblem is very similar to type 2 diabetes in humans. Vet Nick Page says it does hit the fatter animals but that isn’t always the case. He says there are simple blood tests that will tell if founding is likely.

Equine Cushing’s Disease is also under the spotlight with new evidence that it is caused by a problem at the base of the brain. Nick Page says it is hitting older horses, and can be picked up symptoms similar to similar to founding but will also be spotted by horses that have a large thirst. Watch full interview

Dairy farmers who are over committed still have the option of slipping back down the career ladder and starting again. That’s the thoughts of Kerry Burke who says he saw that happen when the SMP subsidies came off and some farmers were over committed. He says few careers offer that sort of chance, and share milkers and recent land owners should consider that as an option.

The Auckland land price war will stop and the crash will come by natural causes. That’s the opinion of Kerry Burke who says he’s seen the cycles come and go and the downturn will happen automatically as demand varies. He says it is similar to farming in so much as each sector has highs that are followed by lows. He says, however, that foreign ownership does need to be controlled and overseas buyers should not be allowed to buy homes andleave them empty knowing that they will make a good margin from price increases. He says overseas investments should only be allowed if it is for the benefit of our economy. Watch full interview

Big changes to the environment regulations are coming ready or not.Richard Christie from Ravensdown says we are now in a farm by consent situation and even if you are doing whatever you have done for years, you will have to get consent to continue doing it. He says Ravensdown have created ateam of certified nutrient management advisers to help farmers through what many are calling a mine field. He says they will advise on a raft of different areas and are experts in a field farmers aren’t expected to be able to handle on their own. It seems that all aspects of nitrogen in the soil is being assessedand not just topdressing, natural things such as legumes are also assessed in the overall picture before a consent is granted

Sheep farmers from drought affected areas are facing a major problem;what to do if they can’t get their stock home because there is still nothing to feed them. Many had moved stock off farm to grazing in other regions, but now with ewes heavy in lamb, the rains haven’t come and the pasture isn’t likely to grow when soil temperatures warm up. Prices have dropped severely in sale yards if in fact there are any buyers for the yardings. A case of no-one can feed the ewes so they can’t stay where they are nor can they go back to where they should be going. Obviously this will have huge impacts on sheep farmers who face the lose of stock and no lamb crop this season. Once the pasture does grow, and it will, replacement stock will have to be found when the prices are high again. Watch full interview 

Race horses that race over jumps are born to it, rather than being trained for it. Trainer and former jumps jockey, Danny Crozier, says he can pick a horse that will be fast over jumps at an early age and can train them up, but he wouldn’t even try to get a horse that preferred flat racing to go over jumps.

New increased stakes money for steeple chasers and hurdles racing has led to an increase in interest in that type of racing as owners and trainers chase the extra incentives. Danny Crozier says he has noticed it a lot over the past season and as the Riccarton Winter festival approaches, the fields have increased as has the following of meetings such as those. Watch full interview


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