Beware of using two different tax companies to do your tax returns. That’s the warning from Kerry Adams of DAA who says people are being seduced into using online companies to do some of the work, and then their Chartered Accountants have to try to balance the rest of the IRD work needed and invariably it is at the expense of their clients. He says keep all your IRD returns with one organisation and you will save a lot more than you’d gain by spreading the workload around.
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Education by Lincoln University 
Lincoln University are doing some serious research with pregnant ewes and how nutrition may be able to help resistance. Andrew Green says the results won’t be available for a while, but the hope is that with the right diet ewes will pass out fewer lava onto pasture to affect their lambs if the correct diet is offered to them. (Watch Interview)

Irrigation by RX Plastic
A couple of hot days doesn’t make a spring. Tony Deveron says the cold temperatures have stopped growth and farmers are advised to hold back on irrigating until they really need to. He says there are concerns that many irrigators will run out of their allocations especially if they start to early.
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Horticulture/ Cropping
We need to produce more food as the world population continues to explode in size. Dennis Carter says 200 thousand extra people are born every day. That’s 200,000 more than those who die. He says we are well placed to take the top end of the market where to high returns are rather than try to compete in the basic commodity area.

The fertiliser companies are playing their part in helping farmers with their cash flows. Dennis says rather than holding out till they pay a dividend, the companies are dropping their prices so farmers get the advantage now.

E-Can has also stepped up to help cash-strapped farmers. They are saying that they are backing off being as strict as they should be and giving farmers more time and an easier pathway with respect to some consents.    

Fonterra have come out and suggested dairy farmers feed less palm kernel.They are recommending that the feed be reduced to 3kgs per cow per day. That is only a recommendation not a ruling, but it is seen as a major step forward by cropping farmers growing feed barley. (Watch Interview)

If you want to donate your organs after you pass away, don’t rely on what’s on your driving license to make it happen; it won’t. Family members can veto thatand your wishes won’t be met. Craig Wilson from the McKinnon Group says the only secure way to ensure your wishes are met is to put them into writing in a prearrangement document with your chosen funeral company. He says there are very few organ donors in New Zealand with only 46 last year. He says one donor saved nine lives  because he did donate. (Watch Interview)

Laughter is the best medicine, or so it seems as the Rural Support Trust organisesevening of fun and entertainment for drought-hit North Canterbury farmers.Doug Archbold says they are literally taking people off their farmers for an evening and taking them to a play or some sort of entertainment as a diversion from the worries.

Climate events are still happening all over the country. While North Canterbury is still very dry and missing out on the rain that is drenching the rest of the country, parts of the North Island are under massive flood waters. Doug says his organisation is very busy helping farmers through, anyone in distress just has to contact the Rural Support Trust to get help. (Watch Interview)