Newsletter 26.04.15

There are still calls for a capital gains tax despite the negative reaction when the Labour party talked about bringing one in before the last election. John Walley, recently retired CEO of the NZ Manufacturers and exporters, says the simple solution to kill the Auckland housing price increases is to put on an overall and across the board capital gains tax. However the National Government is still very strongly against any such move.

There are still troubles overseas that are affecting our economy as many European countries still grapple with the problems they have encountered over the past couple of years.

Our dollar is getting very close to the Australian dollar because they have tackled their OCR and taken control of their economy, but part of that is the fact that the Chinese have slowed down on buying their minerals and are concentrating on food and other commodities.
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Irrigation is causing major pasture problems because it works so well. The extra cover provided by the pasture and the moist soils are ideal for grass grubs and Purina. The grass grub beetles are able to bury their eggs there by giving them a better survival rate and the ease of movement and cover allow the purina grubs to travel further from their burrows when feeding. There are chemicals that can be used to combat both varieties.
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The world needs to reduce food wastage and look at growing fruit and vegetables within cities if we are going to be able to feed everyone in years to come. Prof Tony Bywater from Lincoln University says cities are becoming huge and the only way the populations can be fed is to grow produce within them. It is becoming impossible to transport produce into major cities now and it will only get worse.
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New rules regarding accidents on farm may lead to fines of up to three million dollars. Dave Dredge from TL Parker in Christchurch says it is the Courts that are determining the action not those injured or who died, and communication on the properties is now paramount. He says his company has had an influx of people wanting 2 way radios to avoid problems when people get hurt of are in need of help.
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Farmers employing overseas workers are being warned about funeral costs if a death occurs. Roddy McKinnon from the McKinnon Group of funeral companies says most workers from overseas come from low income families and many have very different social protocols when it comes to laying loved ones to rest and therefore the employer can be faced with very large bills if something were to happen. Life insurance policies are available to cover such eventualities.
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Rob Cope-Williams
Presenter/ Producer