Public consultation on animal welfare regulations

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is seeking feedback on proposed regulations designed to take the next step in improving our already strong animal welfare system.

The regulations cover live animal exports, the care and conduct towards animals as well as surgical and painful procedures. The proposed regulations have come about following amendments to the Animal Welfare Act last year.

Examples of some of the proposals include:

- banning hot branding of any animal

- administering pain relief when dehorning cattle, sheep or goats

- requiring adequate shelter for bobby calves

- banning de-barking dogs except for therapeutic reasons.

MPI's Director of Biosecurity and Animal Welfare, Julie Collins urges those with in interest in animal welfare to take the time to look at the proposals and have their say.

"Animal welfare matters. It's important to animals, it's important to us as a society, and it's important to our economy," she says.

MPI is holding six public meetings across the country which are open to anyone who wishes to understand the proposals and share their views. All feedback will be taken into consideration before recommendations are made to the Minister for Primary Industries.

The new regulations would be progressively introduced from the end of this year. Some regulations related to young calves may be introduced before the start of the 2016 calving season. 

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