Ranfurly producer takes out the Golden Fleece award

Golden Fleece

AD and SD Paterson from Armidale Ranfurly were awarded this year’s Golden Fleece award with a total of 99 out of 100 points.

The event run by the Oxford A and P Assn attracted record entries making the confidence in the sheep industry look a lot better.

Judge Peter McCusker from PGG Wrightson said the quality of fine wools was out standing while strong wool judge Doug McKay agreed with respect to the other classes.

Top strong wool fleece was entered by Butler No 2 Trust Waipawa.

Section winners were;

Merino AD and SD Paterson.

Quaterbred or Polwarth Andrew Paterson

Corriedale JK and RM Sidey.

Lambs fleeces PJ and PM Dodd.

Strong wool ram TJ and FM Burrows

Perendale TS and E Anderson.

Romney Richard Warren.

CDrossbred Butler no 2 trust

Leicester Edith Cromie.

Texel Murray Shipley.