Rural Suicides

Figures have been published that say 40% of farming folk use guns to take their own lives as oppsed to 8% of others.

That opens the debate for more gun controls being imposed on farming folk.

It has even been suggested that farmers put their guns into a common lock up area and have to apply to get a gun out.

Facts; on a scale of who owns guns farmers are well ahead of the millions of others who have no need to own one.

Guns are a things farmers use to protect crops and kill vermin.

If a farming person does get to the point they seriously want to finish it all, they, like everyone else, will find a way if there are no guns.

My view; let's work on the cause not the symptom and give farmers support and help rather than take their guns away.

Watch: Karen Degan on why people are committing suicide. 

Radio NZ