Serious blow for many dairy farmers

Well it wasn't as bad as some were predicting but $3.85 is enough to be a very serious blow too many dairy farmers. 

While the media focus, and to a degree rightly, on the flow on affects, it's the farmers who have to try to sleep at night as they put off staff and cut costs to the bone. Every one in any support role will be saying farmers must talk to their banks and accountants, and yes they should, but the old saying of "when you are up too your arse in alligators you can be forgiven for forgetting you are there to drain the swamp" The really sad thing about farming is that you have to take what others will pay you. However you still have to pay what others ask for their produce to enable you to produce whatever it is that you do produce. Meaning you can't control your income or your outgoings. 

While we all feel very supportive of the dairy farmers, and we do, we hope they all realise that it will trend back upwards again just as beef, lamb and wool has. That however doesn't help when you are lying awake at 2 am trying to work out how you are going to pay the mortgage. There are times when a job in town must look tempting, but on a sunny day when your stock are looking great and nature is on your side, you can forget the commercial stuff and thank goodness you did stay in the profession you love.  


Keith Weller -